a series on my first days of tumblr. the noob series.

oh heck who am I kidding? i'm doing this for 2 years now and I'm still a noob. t(-_-t)

check me out on definecolour, my other blog committed fully on my photography:D no other bullcrap:D

don't hesistate to ask me anything:D

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I have officially included making papercrafts into my hobby list. though I’d say I started making paper crafts looong before, most of them for school. I never used the thin everyday paper we are all used to, instead I used cardboards, esp. FOLDERS.

So far I think I’m doing well, made a lot of mistakes now, and¬†continuously¬†learning. One of which is using tiyani(small tweezers) for effectively folding and holding freakishly small pieces of paper(please do forgive my hilariously small knowledge about these stuff lol)

So far after 4 tedious hours of mind-twisting, eye-whipping, finger-numbing action, this is all I accomplished. Oh god. I have a looong way to go. HAHAHAHA

the night she becomes a lady.

The Roses

CAKE! Obviously the party’s theme is hollywood. specifically OLD Hollywood


and of course, CC!


the night finishes off with an open dancefloor, led by this guy:D

Happy Birthday Marie!:D

it’s been ages since my last post:D never disappeared though., kept watching dashboard for a long time

I got a spyro post before, when he was still small., now he’s grown up, after countless broken stuff in the house, and deep holes on the lawn..:D